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Pain management

Current painkillers do not always provide adequate relief, and some also involve risks. Orion seeks to address these problems by developing new options for pain management.

Living with pain is a daily reality for many people and significantly affects their quality of life. Pain is one of the most common reasons for using healthcare services.

Acute or chronic pain can completely paralyse a person and, if prolonged, limit their ability to lead a balanced life. Orion is working to develop new options for pain management.

Relief for pain caused by nerve damage and musculoskeletal diseases
Current treatments are generally only partially effective in relieving pain, and the products available on the market do not work for all patients. With current medicines, it’s difficult to treat pain resulting from nerve damage in particular, as well as long-term musculoskeletal system pain.

Strong painkillers entail a number of risks. The excessive and uncontrolled use of opioids has led to a high rate of addiction, abuse, and deaths, and has caused a public health crisis in some countries.

Orion is working to address these limitations by developing new types of painkillers and pain treatments for patients suffering from acute or chronic pain. We are aiming for more effective medicines and non-addictive treatments.