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Cancer research and the development of new treatments are Orion’s key operations. A better understanding of different types of cancer creates new opportunities for better treatments for patients.

Cancer touches almost all of us, either personally or through people we know and care for. Experiencing cancer is a devastating and life changing experience. 

Improving the lives of these patients through research has been within the focus of Orion for years. The importance of new treatments cannot be overstated: with ageing population and longer life expectancy, cancer is and will remain a major burden for patients and their loved ones as well as for the healthcare systems around the world.

Cure from cancer has become a reality for certain cancers already now and the better treatments can allow also living with cancer for longer periods of time with high quality of life.

Finding treatments that can cure advanced cancers has been challenging for a long time, as cancer as a disease is highly complex and transforms rapidly. However, promising results have been seen also for certain advanced cancers in the recent years and we are highly committed to continue the same development also for those areas where scientific advances are yet to be made.

We aim to develop better treatments for patients with cancer, to improve the quality of life, extend the life expectancy or to even offer the hope for a cure. Our focus in recent years has been within hormone-mediated cancers like prostate cancer, but in the future we hope to bring new treatments also for other patients suffering with cancer.